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tape cassettes/ music is the soundtrack to life

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nostagia @ its finest, "music is the soundtrack to life" written on the last row of tapes, other tapes are billy joel, nas, nirvana,tupac, arrested development, bob marley, chili peppers, and beastie boys.  music can be everything. From a mood enhancer, to a therapist, a giver of energy, and my most favorite: a time machine, it can take you back, to moments that are stuck , like a slow mo first meeting, or a montage of certain years in school, pretty cool. in Alzheimer patients, music has been shown to awaken , or activate the most regions of the brain than any other stimuli.  Customized music"sound tracks" have been shown to expinentially improve happiness and joy in the patients. see AFA (alzheimers foundation of america)

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