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Dark grey black letters, self explanatory.  Read more books! its simple, so much knowledge available, become knowledgable on any subject that calls to you,  or get taken away to another world engrossed for hours, losing track of time as you read. Reading can cause measurable changes in the brain, the grey matter in your brain dramatically increases. The more you read, the easier it may be for your brain to process information and understand the world around you. Another study showed that new neurological pathways can be forged by reading (as well as with writing). The brain needs exercise just like the body, so please. read more books.

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    All shirts so far have been locally produced here in Fort Myers, on the beautiful gulfcoast of Florida.   My origin story starts with Irene Irving who essentiallly came up with my name and helped me realize my little logo, and did the the majority of my graphic designs as well  and i am forever grateful.   I couldn't thank the gentleman who helped me realize my creative direction and abilities enough.  Mr Irving is an eclectic who runs a local screen printing business called Underground elements, and also heads his own creative company,  Dub Ekoms.  

    All shirts so far are hand made here in town with 100% ringspun cotton, but always looking to evolve and grow whether it may be new sources or fabrics.


    Returns and refunds are handled on a case by case basis

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