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Podcasts, what an amazing medium to convey information, ideas, thoughts or just listen to great conversations. only having been around for a little less than 10 years. They have exploded, easily accessable @ anytime. no producers no corporate execs , just real people sharing ideas.  Aubrey Marcus , his mantra "Para el bien de todos" = for the good of all. workouts , meditaions, neutropics, human optimazation. Joe Rogan, his objectivity, tireless work ethic, constantly challenging himself with difficult tasks, his thirst and curiousity for information and intelligent conversations,up 95 million downloads last month. Duncan Trussell, his knowledge of meditations, knowledge on many religous teachings, his transparency of failings and constant humility, all tied together beautifully with his exstravagant vocabulary and unique way of looking @ the world is truely a pleasure. Tait Fletcher, a former trouble maker turned MMA fighter, stuntman, actor , coffee conesseur, his sober zest for life and constant beaming of positivity are inspiring to say the least. his motto "pirate you life back" is amazing and something we all can resonate with. Fill your ears with these gentlemens podcasts and youre life will be moved in a positive and inquisitive direction for the better .

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